Frequently Asked Questions


What is Throne Weekend?
Throne Weekend is one of the biggest - and most fun - fan events in Europe entirely dedicated to the epic TV show Game Of Thrones. Various actors from this show will attend our event for meet and greets, autographs, photoshoots and Q&A panels.

Please note that Throne Weekend is an independent unauthorised Game of Thrones fan convention. It is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by HBO, A Song of Ice and Fire book publishers, George R.R. Martin or their representatives.

When is Throne Weekend?
December 7 & 8, 2019, both days from 10 am (Early Bird Ticket, Weekend Ticket and Valyrian Pass holders 9 am) till 6 pm.

Where is Throne Weekend?
Beursgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



For info about tickets please see our Ticket page.


Celebrity Guests

Which celebrity guests are attending this years event?

Please visit our Guest page for the most recent guest line up. The line up is updated throughout the year as the event gets closer so always keep checking to see if new people are added.
Sadly, this also goes the same for cancellations. All guests are subject to working commitments so it is possible that a guest has to cancel his/her appearance. This can happen months in advance but also a few hours before the event. We don't like it either but this is beyond anyone's control so don’t let it ruin your experience.

When is the guest lineup complete?

The lineup is never officially "complete" until the day of the event as guests can cancel their appearance a few hours before the event and new guests can be announced last minute.

Are the celebrity guests attending both days?

Yes, all guests are appearing on both Saturday AND Sunday unless otherwise stated. All of our guests will be taking part in autograph sessions, photoshoots and at least one Q&A session over the weekend!



How can I get an autograph?
Every actor/actress has his/her own signing table. You simply go to the table (or waiting line) of your favorite actor, pay for your autograph (cash only!), choose a photo you want the actor to sign (or bring your own item) and the actor will do the rest. You might have to wait some time for the more popular guests.

How much are autographs?
Prices of autographs will vary depending on the guest. Please see the Guest page for the lastest updates. The full price list will be available prior to the convention. Autographs bought at a celebrity's table are cash only! 



How much are photo-ops?
Prices of photo-ops will vary depending on the guest. Please see the Guest page for the lastest updates. The full price list will be available prior to the convention.

Where can I buy photo op tickets?

Photo ops can be bought in our ticketshop. Remember sold out is really sold out, so book your photo ops early to avoid disappointment.

Can I buy photo op tickets during the event?

Only if the particular photoshoot isn't sold out yet.

How many people can be in one photoshoot?

With one photoshoot ticket you can bring one (1) friend for free (your friend still needs a valid entry ticket!), so two visitors and 1 actor maximum. Remember you will receive one photo only! If you want additional photos you can buy them during the event. 

Am I guaranteed to have a photo with actor X once I've bought a photo op?

Yes, if you bought a photo op you are guaranteed to have your photo taken with your idol. Just see the schedule (which is posted on this website nearer the time), show up on time and you will be fine. The only thing you shouldn't do is show up late (or not at all) because once the last person in line has his/her photo taken the actor will leave the photobooth and return to his signing table. Anyone who misses his/her photoshoot will NOT be given a refund.

What does Group A, Group B etc mean? Is there a difference in groups?

All celebrity guests have their photoshoots divided in groups (in most cases A and B) and each group has a certain timeslot. For example Group A starts at 11 am, Group B starts at 11.30 am, etc. Unfortunately you can´t choose which group or timeslot you want; every photoshoot starts with Group A and once all tickets for this group have been sold out, ticket sales for Group B will start automatically. The schedule for all photoshoots will be posted on this website about two weeks prior to the event.



Is there an extra charge to attend a panel?

No! All admission tickets give access to all panels. However, seats are limited and on a first come, first served basis so please plan ahead and show up on time.



Can I take photos of / with cosplayers?

Most cosplayers would love to have their photo taken but please ALWAYS ask before taking a photo.

Is my costume or prop allowed inside the venue?

The exact rules will be published very soon.

Who is allowed to enter the cosplay competition?

We don't have any restrictions regarding age, nationality or anything, so basically anyone is allowed to enter. Spots are limited though.

Do you have changing rooms?
Yes, there will be a popup changing room but as you can image it can be crowded. We advise everyone, if possible, to already wear your costume on your way to the venue.



More info coming soon!